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Nairns Stem Ginger Biscuit Triple pack 72 Packs of 3 Per Box NWT2966

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Safescan 1250 GBP Coin Counter & Sorter For Sterling 5kg L355xW330xH266mm Grey Ref 113-0568 Counts and sorts 220 coins per minute with auto stop when the coin cup is full Total value and quantity per denomination counting modes Hopper has a capacity of up to 500 coins, no need to sort them in advance An 'add' and 'batch' function enabling the desired number for each coin denomination to be counted Detailed reporting available when finished counting, to see the total value and quantity counted for each type of coin Autostop when the coin tray is full, simply empty the cup and press start to resume counting Large screen with seven digit display Supplied with eight coin cups Three year manufacturer warranty CE Certified
Pack of 1


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